Now Hiring

We are currently seeking Hair Stylists, a Front Desk/Customer Service Provider, Nail Technician and Shampoo Assistant.

Anthony Valentino Salon and Day Spa is proud to provide our customers with highly professional service providers who are always up-to-date on the latest trends, styles, products and services.

To accomplish this, Anthony Valentino Salon and Day Spa is committed to the on-going education and career development of all staff members. Everyone on our team participates in ongoing education, both on and off site. We do so in order to keep up-to-date on new products, techniques and the latest trends in salon and spa services.

Our service providers progress through a level system which provides a well defined path for each individual’s progress in their career. As a service provider progresses to new levels, they are motivated, encouraged, recognized and rewarded. A key measurement of this progress is customer service. As a result, as our service providers are rewarded and so are our customers.

To be sure to give our customers the style they are looking for, our service providers know that communication is the key! They are excellent listeners from the initial consultation to finish, and they will be happy to educate our clients on the newest products and techniques for hair, nail and skin care that maintains their beauty and style at home.